Mobile De-Icing

Mobile de-icing on airports includes all spreading tasks which are achieved using mounted spreaders.
De-icing is the spreading of de-icing agents (solid, liquid or a mixture) aiming to melt existing ice layers or compacted snow.

De-icing agents are not only used to fight existing ice layers or snow covers, more and more they are used for preventive spreading to avoid their formation.

The choice and the quantity of de-icing agents depends not only on the requested intervention (to combat or to prevent), but also on meteorological conditions, traffic density, surface condition or environmental factors.

We have the appropriate solution for any intervention on aprons, airfield or runways. The Combi-Spreader SDA M2 is predestinated to handle any requirements airport operations might have. Available with or without booms, individual hopper sizes (cascaded tanks) – nothing is left to be desired. In particular the FullWet® system offers limitless possibilities in the choice of hopper capacities and hence the operating range.

In addition and complementary to the mobile de-icing Boschung offers a range of stationary technologies including fixed automated spreading, early ice-warning detection with centralized data collection and management.

Spreaders | De-icers


Airport Multi De-Icer

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Liquid De-icer for Airport

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SDA S1-S3 Tractor

Spreader for Liquid Agents

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IMS S1-S3 Unit carriers

for narrow-gauge vehicles

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Multipurpose Carriers | Spreading Vehicles

Jetbroom 9000 A

Jetbroom 9000 A/H

Compact version A (Airport) and H (Highway)

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Jetbroom 10000 T

High clearance capacity for runways!

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Pony P4

The Multipurpose Carrier

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La balayeuse de voirie Urban-Sweeper S2 en hiver.

Urban-Sweeper S2

Ideal for confined spaces in urban areas

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