Snow Removal on Airports

Snow removal on airports includes all the tasks the service provider has to accomplish to clear the snow on runways, taxiways, access roads and parking lots using appropriate vehicles and equipment. To meet the requirements of airlines and passengers and to guarantee the security at any times fast, efficient and environment friendly snow clearance has to be guaranteed at any times.

A clearance platoon composed of several Jetbroom A (Airport) – or the towed version Jetbroom T (Towed) – guarantees due to its unique concept (plough, brush, blowing system in front of the broom and at the rear) black-clearing on a wide area in one single run.

Thanks to its compact conception and versatility with all-wheel steering, the Jetbroom A, fitted with a plough and a sweeper/blower unit, allows clearing of access roads an parking lots as well.

Bordering spaces and narrow alleys can be cleared using the multi-purpose carrier Pony P3/P4, with all-wheel drive the Pony can overcome any obstacles.

The accumulated snow can be cleared with direct loading onto trucks using a powerful snow blower/cutter such as the Snowbooster B6, which can clear up to 3500 t/h.

Our vast spreader program, the IMS series (Intelligent Mobile Spreading), is the perfect de-icing complement to the snow clearing and offers a wide range of options for solid and/or liquid spreading to meet your requirements.

Sweeper-Blowers | Multipurpose Carriers

Jetbroom 9000 A

Jetbroom 9000 A/H

Compact version A (Airport) and H (Highway)

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Jetbroom 10000 T

High clearance capacity for runways!

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Pony P4

The Multipurpose Carrier

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La balayeuse de voirie Urban-Sweeper S2 en hiver.

Urban-Sweeper S2

Ideal for confined spaces in urban areas

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Snow Blowers | Winter Devices | Snowploughs

Snowbooster B6 / B7 / B8

High Power Snow Blowers

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Multi-Segmented Snowploughs

with override protection

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