Professional Airfield Cleaning

The most important flight operations are take-offs and landings and a good state of cleanliness is crucial for the safety of those operations. Jet engines can take in objects on runways, which might cause failure of the engines and lead to consequences including aborted take-offs and roll-over accidents. On landing objects left lying around can be swirled up by the eddy currents and cause damage on critical parts of the plane (e.g. landing flaps).

Other air operations surfaces like taxiing areas, apron and airplane standing areas need a constant cleaning too to prevent damages to airplane wheels. In particular metallic components can be pressed into the wheels when taxiing and cause even further damage to the landing gear.

Boschung offers various products for optimized elimination of all those risks.

Airfield Sweepers

Jetbroom 9000 H

Jetbroom 9000 A/H

Compact version A (Airport) and H (Highway)

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Nettoyage des rues à Guin avec la balayeuse de voirie compacte S3 de Boschung.

Compact Sweeper S3

Maneuvrable Compact Sweeper

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Pony P4

The Multipurpose Carrier

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La balayeuse de voirie Urban-Sweeper S2 en activité à Lausanne.

Urban-Sweeper S2

Ideal for confined spaces in urban areas

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Large road sweepers

Brock SL 150… SL 580

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