Management Software

Complex decision-making situations like they occur in the winter service management need supporting systems to detect critical road conditions and winter conditions at an early stage to avoid traffic jams, blocked inclined sections by trucks or accidents. Optimized planning and controlling of winter maintenance can be achieved only by using smart management systems. Furthermore resources and costs are reduced.

Other various products of the Boschung Management Software (web application, mobile application, hosting service) serve the road maintenance (summer and winter maintenance, area control), the data acquisition or ITS (Intelligent Transport System), offering state-of-the-art visualization, numerous functions and reporting.

Boschung’s latest generation of Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) represents the most comprehensive range of products for ice prevention and road maintenance in winter. The unique patented measurement principles and technologies used in the sensors and the associated electronics and software lead to the complete coverage of today’s black-ice early detection techniques.

The Boschung RWIS allows for the integration of a large number an variety of meteorological and pavement sensors. Boschung's active pavement sensors, as a result of their actual measurements, are the only sensors to provide accurate freezing point temperature - independently of the type of de-icing agent spread on the road. Together with the other meteorological data, this allows the service manager to plan winter maintenance operations economically and ecologically, with the maximum degree of certainty.



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