ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport systems aim to improve the traffic flow in a secure and efficient manner by collecting and communicating traffic-related data. An enhanced traffic management allows making the best use of the existing infrastructure and to process traffic events in an efficient, ecologic and secure way.

Various sources of information (vehicles, disturbances in the network, weather etc.) are needed to communicate with each other and to traffic control center, so that traffic users get informed, congestions are reduced, critical situations get avoided, transportation process can be planned efficiently and the traffic controlled in a selective and dynamic way.

Boschung can provide various components of an ITS like systems, system components, sensors and management software tools. High-quality and innovative sensors who captures road conditions (e.g. IT-Sens) and weather conditions, but also on-board units to collect vehicle data (Vpad) and software solutions for a dynamic control and reporting system (BORRMA-web) are state-of-the-art components for an optimized traffic management.

We support you:

  • to increase traffic safety
  • to improve an efficient traffic flow
  • to protect the environment
  • to collect and manage informations

ITS Components

GFS 3000

Ice Early Warning System

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RCM 500 NT

Winter under control!

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ITS Sensors

Intelligent Transportation System

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The new universal control unit

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Boschung Road & Runway Management

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Road Weather Information System

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In touch with traffic data

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Data Hosting

Clearly budgeted costs

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