Mobile Spreading

Mobile de-icing in cities includes all spreading tasks which are achieved using mounted spreaders.
De-icing is the spreading of de-icing agents (solid, liquid or a mixture) aiming to melt existing ice layers or compacted snow.

De-icing agents are not only used to fight existing ice layers or snow covers, more and more they are used for preventive spreading to avoid their formation.

The choice and the quantity of de-icing agents depends not only on the requested intervention (to combat or to prevent), but also on meteorological conditions, traffic density, surface condition and environmental factors.

Obtaining good spreading results is not only a matter of size. Boschung offers reliable technology as well for small multipurpose vehicles and smaller truck series. Flat and compact,  especially in built up areas the IMS J offers excellent visibility to the rear combined with best driving behavior.

The IMS P with a 3-point attachment allows tractors to be used during colder seasons and is a good opportunity to improve their utilisation.

In addition and complementary to the mobile de-icing, Boschung offers a wide range of stationary technologies like fixed automated spreading, early ice-warning detection with centralized data collection and management.

Salt Spreaders | Combined Spreaders | Trailer Spreaders

IMS S1-S3 Unit carriers

for narrow-gauge vehicles

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CombiWet® Junior

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More liquid!

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Flat bed spreader for small multi-purpose vehicle

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Flat Bed Spreader

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The open spiral auger spreader

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Spreading machine with 3-point attachment

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