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Vitra 2037 bioklipper
Toro Groundsmaster 360
Iseki TJ75

When the snow and ice start to retreat the debris of the winter season come into sight. As soon as the earth starts feeling the warmth of sunshine in the spring and light rains fall the grass begins to flourish. Summer delivers flocks of visitors and tourists to the gardens and parks. The beautiful colours of Autumn don't delight forever and before we know it, winter is over us again.

Each season has its charms and each needs a different type of maintenance.

Boschung Scandinavia has achieved dealerships for a wide range of quality machines and tools with established companies that perfectly complement the long list of tasks, that Boschung's own machines perform.

When the grass is too long or leaves need to be collected, Vitra have a utility tool carrier suitable for the job. If the lawns of the bowling greens or tennis courts need trimming, then Toro has the perfect appliance. Should extra power be required Iseki will have the solution amongst their range of tractors equipped with tools and trailers.

Boschung Scandinavia is the local authority's one-stop supplier of vehicles and equipment for all its year round maintenance tasks.

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Toro Groundsmaster 360